5 Schritte zur Heilung einer Oneitis

Posted on: 29. Dezember 2010

Guter Beitrag zum Thema Oneitis, leider nur bezogen auf Verflossene. Hier die Heilungsschritte des Spezialistenteams:

The patient is therefore released from Le Clinique Chateau with these instructions:

– Take a month off from actively skirt chasing.

– Don’t burn your ex’s photos, but do store them in a lockbox in the attic where it would be a pain for you to conveniently access. Burning photos and other memorabilia is a powerfully symbolic act that ironically reinforces her importance in your life. Better to nonchalantly store that shit like it was any other old knickknack you no longer have use for.

– When you return to the field, focus on gaming girls hotter than what you are used to. This is like weightlifting: you need to incrementally go up in difficulty to see any progress. The challenge will help you concentrate on the present instead of the past.

– When you meet a girl you really like, invest in her. Don’t go for the bang right away. You want to increase her value in your mind, and the way to do that is, one, to make sure she’s hot, and two, to take your time winning her over. Sluts are not gonna cure your oneitis, but hard-to-get girls will.

– Finally, if none of the above works, scour the earth for a woman who is as beautifully evil as your ex was, and fall in love with her before you’ve said “hi”. The ensuing passionate fling and humiliating breakup should replace your old oneitis with a new oneitis, which, if nothing else, is at least a change of scenery.

viaCuring Oneitis « Citizen Renegade.


1 Response to "5 Schritte zur Heilung einer Oneitis"

Klassisch wäre ja „FTOW“ (Fuck/Find ten other women). Roissys Tipps klingen aber auch gut

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