5 Schritte für mehr eigene Entscheidungen

Posted on: 11. November 2010

Eigene Entscheidungen treffen ist oft nicht leicht, für Muttersöhne meist noch schwieriger. Hier habe ich 5 Schritte gefunden, was man beachten kann:

Step 1 You get away from people who tend to make decisions for you, even if you don’t ask them to. These people usually mean well, but they will cripple you self-reliance.

Step 2 When other people tell you what to do, you don’t simply follow their command, but instead ask them why they believe that is the best decision and get their perspective. Then you use the information to judge things for yourself.

Step 3 You stop asking other people what to do every time you have a dilemma. You either don’t ask others anything and just decide on your own, or you ask them for information and feedback, instead of the actual decision.

Step 4 You learn to take risks. Each decision you make has a potential risk because it can not be the best one, and sometimes it can even be the worst one. What makes a mature person is the ability to accept this risk, decide and act despite of it.

Step 5 You start small and scale fast. At first, you pick decision which present low risks but which you usually tend to pass on to others, and you make them on your own. As you become comfortable with making these decisions, you gradually move on to more important ones.

via How to make your own decisions | Personal Development – UrbanMonk.Net.


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